System Monitoring


The advantage to the monitoring services we provide is that it greatly minimizes critical down time.  In many cases with our current customers they never know there was a problem.  We monitor hundreds of critical points in your system.  We monitor everything from access to the site, environmental, power systems, and components within the system.

Saves money and pays for itself

Working with our clients in our consulting services, the biggest complaint we hear every time is that they have no idea due to the complexity of the technology if they are getting taken advantage of.  We take that concern away.  When we monitor your system we know exactly what the problem is and we can dispatch your service company to respond to the specific problem.  We know when they get there. We know if its been fixed correctly and we know when they leave. Because we monitor your system 24/7 we also identify system trends that point to a future system failure and work with you to have it corrected before it fails.  The important thing to note is we are not trying to replace your communications service company, we are an enhancement to the security and health of your critical communications network